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The Junction of the Secret Shafts
Junction of the Secret Shafts.jpg
Drawing of the room (by Murray Fisher)

Seasons Used

4 & 5

Layouts Used


Episodes Seen


Temple Guard Encounters

No information

Artifacts Featured

Roald Amundsen's Final Telegram
The Silver Angel Wing of Elizabeth I
The Cork of Robert Hooke
The Jeweled Lei of the Hawaiian Queen
The Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi
The Bonnet of Mercy Otis Warren
The Magical Thread of Ariadne
The Missing Stone of the Great Wall of China
The Lost Crown of Mbwila
The Map to James Marshall's Treasure
The Golden Necklace of Castor the Great

Known Hidden Half Pendant Location

No information

Adjoining Rooms

The Room of the Ancient Warriors (Layouts XVI-XIX)
The Knights' Barracks (Layouts XX-XXIV)
The Dark Forest (Layout XVI)
The Dungeon of the Lone Column (Layouts XVII)
The Chamber of Four Columns (Layout XVIII)
The Switch Inferno (Layouts XIX-XXIV)
The Tomb of the Headless Kings (Layouts XVI & XVII)
The Throne Room (Layouts XVIII & XIX)
The Forbidden Fountain (Layout XX)
The Crystal Cave (Layouts (XXI-XXIV)

The Junction of the Secret Shafts was a room in Olmec's Temple. It's like a Heart Room idea but in place of the Swamp area, and it's green. If you're coming in from one of the old vents, you can race up a ramp and hit an actuator on a door to go left or right. There's a raised area near the doors on both sides, and also around the Temple Guard door in the back of the room.