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Red Jaguar is a fictional character that appears in the TV show Legends of the Hidden Temple and its 2017 animated adaption. He resembles the Red Jaguars. He is known as the leader of the pets and Orange Iguana's best friend, who she often knows him as "Big bud" because he's bigger than her. Red Jaguar also appears in the fanfiction series as one of the six main protagonists alongside Blue Barracuda, Green Monkey, Orange Iguana, Purple Parrot and Silver Snake


Red Jaguar is, indeed, a Red Jaguar.


Red Jaguar is a very courageous Jaguar who is always there to protect his friends.



Kirk Fogg - Owner

Olmec - Owner

Blue Barracuda - Friend

Green Monkey - Rival/Friend

Orange Iguana - Best friend

Purple Parrot - Rival/Friend

Silver Snake - Rival/Friend


Temple Guards - Arch-Enemies