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Golden Hieroglyphics of Amata Ershine

Reached Artifacts

Pirate's Cove


Red Jaguars

Moat Crossing

One player of each team paddled across the moat on a raft. Once across, he would tie the rope (which was connected to the raft) off to a post; the second player would then use that rope and the higher, knotted rope to traverse the moat. Once both players were across, they could hit the gong.

Moat Results
Place Team Time
1st Orange Iguanas 0:34
2nd Blue Barracudas 0:56
3rd Red Jaguars 1:34
4th Green Monkeys 2:12

Steps of Knowledge

one of the most famous Egyptian Man named Amata Ershine He Wrote the Golden Hieroglyphics he is a King of Hieroglyphics of Egypt when Amata rode on the Camel Then He Conquered Syria. The Leader of Syria to Helped Amata was Ealaykum Kumbarda he sent Amata to Damascus. Amata left the Golden Hieroglyphics.

Steps of Knowledge Results
Question Answers Team
Was Amata Ershine King of?
  • Egypt
  • Tunisia
  • Mauritania
Orange Iguanas (2 steps left)
Which of these Countries in Asia did Amata Conquered?
  • Syria
  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
Blue Barracudas (2 steps left)
Which of these Capitals is Syria?
  • Damascus
  • Copenhagen
  • Dublin
Red Jaguars (2 steps left)
Which of these Deserts is in North Africa?
  • Sahara
  • Gobi
  • Sonoran
Blue Barracudas (Wrong Answer)
Orange Iguanas (1 step left)
Which of these Leaders does Amata's Tutor?
  • Ealaykum Kumbarda
  • Kuumba Ruyoshi
  • Krushino Wilersaurus
Red Jaguars (1 step left)
Which of these Languages does Official of Egypt and Syria.
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
Orange Iguanas (Advanced to Temple Games)
Which of these Rivers in Egypt did Amata Sailed Out?
  • Tanganyka
  • Nile
  • Ganges
Green Monkeys (2 steps left)
Which of these was the Highest Landmark in Sahara?
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • The Pyramid of Giza
Blue Barracudas (1 step left)
Which of these Capitals does Egypt?
  • Alexandria
  • Cairo
  • Haifa
Red Jaguars (Advanced to Temple Games