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The Moat

Before each team was a ring floating in the moat attached to a rope tied to a pole on the other side. When Kirk gave the signal, one player had to get on the ring and pull on the rope to the other side. Once out, he had tp throw the ring back to his partner so that they may do the same. When both players were out of the water, they had to run over and hit the gong.

1st Silver Snakes 0:06
2nd Red Jaguars 0:11
3rd Blue Barracudas 0:19
4th Purple Parrots 0:29

The Steps of Knowledge

One of the greatest whale hunters on the 7 seas was Captain Ahab. His life's goal was to find & kill the legendary white whale, Moby Dick. "I'll not rest...I will not sleep until that Moby Dick is mine! After what he did to me...Took my leg, he did! I shall get him for that, if I have to follow him to the ends of the earth!" Eventually, he found a crew willing to take on such a task. On their voyage, they caught up to Moby Dick 3 times. "Aye, there she blooows!" On the 3rd encounter, Ahab finally attempted to kill the mighty creature with his trusted harpoon. He leaped on to its back and stabbed it, only to find his harpoon broken from the whale's hide. In the end, Moby Dick destroyed the ship and crew, and left Ahab to die strangled on its side. Ahab's broken harpoon floated away, until it found its way to the temple years later.

The Steps of Knowledge Results

Red Jaguars Blue Barracudas Purple Parrots Silver Snakes
1st - Correct
1st - Correct
1st - Incorrect 2nd - Correct
2nd - Incorrect 1st - Incorrect
1st - Correct
1st - Incorrect 2nd - Incorrect
2nd - Correct 1st - Incorrect
1st - Correct
1st - Incorrect 2nd - Correct
1st - Incorrect 2nd - Correct

The Temple Games

St. Elmo's Fire (Bungee Soap Ramp)

Harpoons (Water Chute)

Cannonball Catch (Velcro Ball Toss)

The Temple Games' Results

The Temple Games Results
Blue Barracudas Silver Snakes
½ Pendant 1½ Pendants

The Temple Run

The Temple Run Results

Victory Yes (0:21 left)
Reached the Artifact Yes
Temple Guard Locations

The Cave of Sighs

The Swamp

The Tomb of the Ancient Kings

Half Pendant Location The Wall Climb